Friends of Folsom Parkways

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Council Member Aquino at Meeting (2023-03-12)

FOFP was honored by the participation of Council Member Sarah Aquino at the monthly meeting!

Historical Diggings Cleanup (2023-03-12)

Some of the volunteers pose with the evidence of their labors. A job well done, "Rain or Shine"

Bike Rider (2023-03-15)

Photo by Lynn LePage

Historical Diggings Cleanup (2023-03-12)

Quite the lineup of bags filled by cleanup participants!

Historical Diggings Cleanup (2023-03-12)

Going deep for trash!

Historical Diggings Cleanup (2023-03-12)

Taking a break for a photo

Historical Diggings Cleanup (2023-03-12)

Braving the rain!

Historical Diggings Cleanup (2023-03-12)

A hardy group of members of the Friends of the Folsom Parkways dodged the rain and had a great trash cleanup project on Saturday, March 11 at the Chinese diggings site.

Mayor attends meeting (2023-02-15)

Mayor Rosario Rodriguez spoke about her vision, and the challenges and opportunities that face the City of Folsom this year. Great to have her leadership!

Spring is coming (2022-11-19)

We always welcome this time of year!

More Bike Riders (2022-11-16)

The trails are varied and the surface is mostly well maintained

Willow Hill Reservoir (2022-11-18)

Looking East over Willow Hill Reservoir Community Park during the Fall. Folsom High School is behind us. We watched a cross country meet.

Bike Riders (2022-11-16)

Many people ride bikes on the trails. These are members of the Sacramento Bike Hikers Club.

Johnny Cash Bridge (2023-01-07)

Bridge takes bikeway over E. Natomas

Alder Creek Bridge (2022-11-20)

Trails South of Hwy 50 are slowly being developed. This one parallels White Rock Road.

Volunteer day (2022-11-15)

Hard at work on the REI Volunteer Day

Oak Tree (2022-11-15)

This is a magnificent tree! There are many more in the Parkway area.

Spring (2022-11-11)


Spring (2022-11-11)

Trees are budding out very nicely, I think. This happens every year.

Fall colors (2022-11-11)

Trees are beginning to turn

Stairs (2022-11-11)

Always fun to climb these! and nice view from the top