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Supporting Folsom's Trails
Johnny Cash Bridge in Folsom

The Friends is a non-profit organization created over 30 years ago in 1991 to serve as a steward of the parkways in Folsom. Over the years the Friends has provided assistance in determining areas to be included in the parkway system, financial assistance to improve the parkway, and worked with over 2,000 volunteers planting trees, building bridges, removing invasive plants, and other beautification efforts. ( FOFP Bylaws )

Our mission is to:

  • make the citizens of Folsom aware of the parkways,
  • raise funds for parkway development,
  • work to educate the community on parkway issues,
  • work to influence development proposals to the benefit of the parkways,
  • work to identify areas of Folsom worthy of inclusion in the parkway system.

The Friends encourage our members to connect to the parkway in many different ways; as an advocate, a volunteer, a mile steward, member recruiter, a sponsor, and/or a donor.

With the development of the area of Folsom south of US 50, the parkways there really need your help to ensure the parkways in Folsom continue to be the envy of the nation.

Our Strategic Plan

Activities of the Friends of Folsom Parkways are guided by a Strategic Plan finalized in October 2021. The process of developing the plan was described in the September 2022 Newsletter, which can be downloaded from the "Quick Links" section on the left of this page. The Strategic Plan itself is available by clicking below:
FOFP Strategic Plan

Membership Renewal & New Member Recruitment

We encourage you to join or to renew your membership in the Friends of Folsom Parkways.

Membership in the Friends is for a rolling 12-month period that can begin any time of the year (including now!). Your support is most appreciated.

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