Friends of Folsom Parkways

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Our Vision:
We promote the use, preservation, and development of parkways in Folsom:
 Following the Humbug-Willow Creek Trail 
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• Increase awareness of the parkways...
Willow Creek Reservoir in the Fall
 Willow Creek Reservoir in the Fall 
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• Educate the community on parkway issues...
new trail behind Dos Coyotes
 Biking the Dos Coyotes Trail 
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• Influence development proposals to benefit the parkways...
Singing in the Rain on bridge
 "Just Singin' in the Rain" 
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• Identify areas of Folsom worthy of inclusion in the parkway system...
enjoying the trails in the fall
 Enjoying the trails in the Fall 
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• Raise funds for parkway development...
Volunteers at work
 Volunteers at work 
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• Support events to maintain and enhance the Parkways...
Planting Trees on the Waterfront Trail
 Planting Trees on the Waterfront Trail 

Enjoy Folsom's many walking and biking trails



The Friends of Folsom Parkways actively encourages young people to learn and advocate for trails, open space and tree preservation in Folsom. Last year we had our first two Youth Directors - Hitha Varganti and Max Hoffstadt both of Folsom High School They will be ending their term and we are now accepting applications for youth directors for 2024-25. These students must be incoming Juniors or Seniors living in Folsom or attending High School in Folsom. Our youth directors gained valuable experience in a non-profit and each had the opportunity to speak before the City Council on FoFP issues affecting the community.

For more information: STUDENTS

1st Place Bike Category, 2023 (2023-08-18)

Doug Lee submitted the winner of the Bicycle-in-Photo Category. Doug is featured with his big unicycle. He is frequently seen riding the one-wheeler on trails throughout town. Congratulations, Doug!

2023 Folsom Bike Trails Map
Click this map for a downloadable Folsom Trails Map

News on the Parkways

Check out our STRATEGIC PLAN
Activities of the Friends of Folsom Parkways are guided by a Strategic Plan finalized in October 2021. The process of developing the plan was described in the September 2022 Newsletter, which can be downloaded from the lower right section of this page. The Strategic Plan itself is available by clicking "More Information" below:

Support our Landmark Trees
The FOFP have been advocating on behalf of open space, trails and trees for over 30 years in Folsom. We continue to advocate on behalf of our community to preserve trees and push back against unwarranted removal of native oaks. The trees in the Oak Parkway Corridor between Natoma Street and Blue Ravine have been cut and further threatened by the utilities, principally PG&E who would rather remove than trim oak trees. We have been advocating to the City Council to give the trees in the corridor Landmark status to make removal more difficult without more robust examination and consultation as to what is really needed. This Tuesday the City Council will address Landmark Tree designation for the trees on the City owned property in the Oak Parkway Corridor. Here is our letter of support. We urge our friends and supporters to make your voices heard. Send in a letter to the Mayor and Councilmembers. The Mayor can be reached at rrodriguez@folsom.ca.us and add the City Clerk so it is part of the record cfreemantle@folsom.ca.us. Thank you, Bruce Cline, 1st Vice President FOFP... SEE THE SAMPLE LETTER IN THE NEXT NEWS ITEM

Sample Letter to City Council re Landmark Trees
Dear Mayor Rodriguez, Vice Mayor and Members of the City Council: The Friends of Folsom Parkways urges you to support Resolution Nos. 11130 and 11131 provide Landmark Designation to two very important areas that are truly exceptional native oak groves. The Friends have long advocated for protecting our oaks in open space areas and along our corridors and are very glad to see the City Council act to protect our oak trees. We all know that many native oak trees have been lost in the Oak Parkway Corridor over the last few years and the threats to these oaks will not go away. This corridor is a unique section with so many varieties of oaks with size and beauty that the community truly loves. Designation of these trees as Landmark Trees sends a strong message to the public and the utilities that our oak trees are here to stay and the City Council stands by these majestic beauties and our “Distinctive by Nature” reputation. We applaud Folsom Prison for its leadership protecting the amazing oaks on the prison grounds. The oak groves on these grounds are truly special and deserving of protection for decades to come. Thank you for your leadership to protect oak trees in the City of Folsom. The Friends appreciate the partnership opportunities with the city and our organization as we all work together to preserve our oak woodlands and parkways. We urge you to demonstrate your commitment to preserve and recognize the value of our oak woodlands and parkways by approving Resolutions No. 11130 and 11131.

May is Bike Month Photo Contest Winners
The Winners of the May is Bike Month photo contest are announced! Thank you to the many wonderful photo submissions in our First Annual Trail Photo contest. Over 50 photos of our trails and cycling in Folsom were submitted. We greatly appreciate all the wonderful depictions of our trails and trail users. The winning photos are shown at the top of this page and in the *Pic Gallery. The winners are: Grand Winner: Tony Powers; Cycling on Trails: Doug Lee; Honorable Mention: Liza Siepel Bueb, Shahed Ameer, Lynn LePage, and Bruce Cline

Open Space Closures in Folsom Due to Fire Risk Continues into 2023
Designated city-owned open spaces that have high fire risk potential remain off-limits in Folsom. The City of Folsom first issued an emergency order during summer 2021 in response to extreme fire danger. The emergency order remains in effect due to the ongoing extreme drought conditions and high fire risk. All existing public trails, bicycle paths, and parks remain open for normal use. Maps of temporarily closed city-owned open spaces are available on the city’s website. Closed areas have been clearly marked with signage